Welcome to my blog. My name is Annalisa Palmer, and I hope some of my writings interest you–they range from academic papers to creative nonfiction.

As I am currently an MA student at University College London, my latest content is available on the page, “Written on the Tube” which links to my Tumblr.

I graduated summa cum laude with an English BA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Honors College in May 2017, and I began my one-year master’s program at University College London (UCL) in September 2017.

The ENZTA tab delineates my study abroad experience in New Zealand during the Spring 2015 semester. While in New Zealand, I became fascinated in the dialogic narrative of identity and psychogeography, especially in regards to the Māori culture/spirituality.

In my senior year at UNLV, I began my 50-page, undergraduate research thesis on psychogeography and the Māori. I examined Māori creation myth, their relationship with “Mother Nature,” and how it informed upon their modern identities as predominantly urban. I started another blog to track the research and writing of this thesis. I have since taken this blog down, but the archive can be found on my Tumblr.

Though I wrote and defended my 50-page thesis, I know my undergraduate research is incomplete. At UCL, I will further research how places, particularly island nations, factor into the formation of identity and how that identity leaves faint traces in art, specifically literature. I see this conjecture’s applicability to New Zealand, but I plan on researching other island nations, namely Ireland and Japan (and their associated literature). I also want to research the theoretical roots of psychogeography.

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The Tolkien Society’s “Tolkien Transactions LXIII” featured two of her essays as seen on this site. Find her former freelance work on The Villainesse,  Life is This, the OdysseyHelloGiggles, and One Green Planet. Follow her on social media (see the links up top). My brother and I started a spoof podcast called “In Our Lime.” Check it out here.