profile10-2016Welcome to my blog. My name is Annalisa Palmer, and I hope some of my writings interest you–they range from academic papers to creative nonfiction.

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Honors College in May of 2017, and I will be undertaking a master’s degree at University College London (UCL) starting in September 2017.

The ENZTA tab delineates my study abroad experience in New Zealand. During that spring of 2015, I became fascinated in the dialogic narrative of identity and psychogeography, especially in regards to the Māori culture/spirituality.

In my senior year at UNLV, I began my undergraduate research thesis on psychogeography and the Māori. I examined Māori creation myth, their relationship with “Mother Nature,” and how it informed upon their modern identities as predominantly urban. I started another blog to track the research and writing of this thesis. Here is the link.

Though I wrote and defended my 50-page thesis, I know my undergraduate research is incomplete. At UCL, I will further research how places, particularly island nations, factor into the formation of identity and how that identity leaves faint traces in art, specifically literature. I see this conjecture’s applicability to New Zealand, but I plan on researching other island nations, namely Ireland and Japan (and their associated literature). I also want to research the theoretical roots of psychogeography.

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